Résumé/Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Richard S. Tomlinson
CELL: (217) 620.6762
e-mail: rtomlinson@magnumopusservices.com

o    1966 -            Recruit Training, Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL
o    1966 - 1968 – USS Lowry (DD-770)
o    1968 - 1971 – U. S. Naval Facility, Bermuda
o    1971 - 1973 – Delmar College, Corpus Christi, TX
o    1973 - 1975 – Fighter Squadron 194 (in USS Oriskany CVA-34)
o    1975 - 1977 – Staff, Commander Oceanographic System, United States Pacific Fleet
o    1977 - 1979 – Commanding Officer, Flag Administrative Unit, Commander Light Attack Wing, United States Pacific Fleet
o    1979 - 1981 – Administrative Department Head, USS Long Beach (CGN-9)
o    1981 - 1983 – University of San Diego, CA (Undergraduate School)
o    1983 - 1987 – Commander, Naval Manpower/Personnel Command, Washington, D.C.                                 

o    Doctoral Dissertation: An Edition of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Opus Maximum
o    D. Phil., M. Phil., English Language and Literature, University of Oxford, England (Major concentration: British Romantic Literature)
o    M.A., English, Georgetown University, Washington, D. C.
o    B.A., summa cum laude, English, University of San Diego, California
o    A.A., summa cum laude, English, Delmar College, Corpus Christi, Texas

o    M. Phil. Examinations passed with Distinction, University of Oxford, 1990
o    Dean’s List, University of San Diego, 1980-82
o    Dean’s List, Delmar College, 1971-73
o    Phi Theta Kappa and Outstanding Student, English and Philosophy Divisions, Delmar College   
o    Richland Community College, Decatur, IL:
      English 101 (Composition 1), 24 semesters
      English 102 (Composition 2), 32 semesters
      English 091 (Developmental English 2), 6 semesters
      English 110 EL/VL (Report Writing via Internet), 12 semesters
      English 115 (Intro. to Literature), 6 semesters
      English 121 (Intro. to Fiction), 4 semesters
      English 126 (Intro. to Poetry), 12 semesters
      English 251 (British Literature to 1800), 4 semesters
      Humanities 100/201H (Humanities Honors), 3 semesters
o    Millikin University, Decatur, IL:
      Writing Center Tutor, 8 semesters
      English 100 (Developmental Writing), 8 semesters
      Study Skills, 6 semesters
      Scientific/Technical Writing Workshops, 6 semesters
      English 201 (Professional Writing), 2 semesters

o    St. Catherine’s College, Oxford:
      British Romanticism, 2 semesters
      British Poetry and Prose 1870-1905, 1 semester
      Contemporary British Drama, 1 semester

o    Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.: Critical Writing, 2 semesters

o    U. S. Navy: Technical Writing

    TEACHING INTERESTS:              
o    Composition (including Developmental English)
o    British and American Literature
o    Professional/Technical Writing


Work in progress:
o    Review (Rev.) of John Beer, Coleridge’s Play of Mind (Oxford UP), for Charles Lamb Bulletin.

o    Rev. of Ben Brice, Coleridge and Skepticism (Oxford UP), for Notes and Queries.

o    Review of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Anglican Church, pre-publication review for University of Notre Dame Press, published 2010.

o    “Pivotal Points in Coleridge’s Opus Maximum,” Charles Lamb Bulletin n.s. No. 130 (2005).

o    Rev. of Selected Writings of William Hazlitt, ed. Duncan Wu, Pickering Masters Series, 9 vols., Charles Lamb Bulletin, n.s. No. 120 (2002).

o    Rev. of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Poetical Works, Charles Lamb Bulletin n.s. No. 113 (2001).

o    Rev. of The Romantic Reformation: Religious Politics in English Literature 1789-1824, Charles Lamb Bulletin n.s. 104 (1998).

o    Rev. of Coleridge’s Philosophy, Charles Lamb Bulletin n.s. No. 93 (1996).     

o    "The Romantic and the Scientist Revisited," The Friend 2.2 (1993).

o    Rev. of Coleridge’s Writings, Vol. 1, On Politics and Society, The Friend 1.4 (1992).

o    “Priestley’s Apostasy,” The Friend 1.4 (1992).“A Portrait of Wordsworth Previously Unknown,” with Paul Betz, The Friend 1.1 (1991).

o    “Pornography and Propaganda: Personal Libel and Revolution,” European Romantic Review 1.2 (1991).

o    “The Primary Imagination,” Charles Lamb Bulletin ns No. 74 (1991).

o    “The Primary Imagination Revisited,” Wordsworth Circle 21.2 (1990).


o    Writer for Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Inc., Decatur, IL.

o    Academic Director, Decatur Leadership Institute (2007-2010)

o    Executive Director, Homework Hangout After-School Program (2003-2005)

o    Conference Workshop, “Editing the Unpublished Coleridge,” Annual Conference, Illinois Philological Association (Apr. 2005).

o    Paper to Charles Lamb Society, London, “Emphases of  Coleridge’s Opus Maximum” (Apr. 2004).

o    Conference Workshop, “Teaching Developmental English as a Foreign Language,” conducted with Dr. Sean Gallagher, Annual Community College and University English Articulation Conference (Apr. 1996).

o    Conference paper, “Teaching Developmental English as a Foreign Language,” delivered with Dr. Sean Gallagher at the 1995 Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Conference (Oct. 1995).

o    Editor, Charles Lamb Bulletin (2000-2010), continuing as Advisory Editor

o    Chair, Academic Quality Improvement Program for Staff/Faculty

o    Development, Richland Community College (RCC)

o    Member, College Council, RCC

o    Chair, Faculty and Academic Affairs Council, RCC

o    Member, Tech-Prep Team, RCC

o    Member, SCANS Team, RCC

o    Member, Staff Professional Development Committee, RCC

o    Chair, Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee, RCC

o    Member, Technology Committee, RCC

o    Member, Marketing Committee, RCC

o    Member, Student Orientation Committee, RCC

o    Member, Illinois Teacher Education Partnership, RCC

o    Member, Developmental Education Taskforce, RCC

o    Advisory Editor for The Friend (1992-  )

o    College Mentor Award (to students) (2010)   

o    Richland Community College Faculty of the Year (2009)               

o    Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 1998)

o    Chosen by Student Senate as Faculty Speaker for RCC Commencement, 1999                                     

o    French: reading knowledge

o    Latin: reading knowledge

o    Greek: reading knowledge

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